as a part-time CTO/tech lead/consultant on any stage of the project with smooth integration into your company routines
  • 200+
    interviews with junior, middle and senior engineers
  • 10+
    companies used consultations and hiring services
  • time have been saved for companies
initial screening process
— We are going to screen your company via code-reviews, interviews, and performance-reviews to understand better what issues and challenges you are going to face in the future.

— In case of hiring we will speak with key stakeholders to understand what kind of specialist you need.
creating roadmap
We will prepare a roadmap of actions with your technical and product team to make everything super transparent and predictable for you.
We are going to implement all the changes we decided keeping your team updated.
ongoing support
For a while, we are going to be in touch to track results and make changes on the fly.

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