making IT easier for
— We help individuals to prepare for interviews and level-up knowledge via roadmaps and consultations
— We jump into your project as a part-time CTO/Tech lead and make an easier interview, onboarding, and project setup phases

✊ See our roadmaps and questionnaires pages with tons of free content for the community.
  • 200+
    interviews with junior, middle and senior engineers
  • 10+
    companies used consultations and hiring services
  • 100+
    students working in a top companies across the world
so, what offers do you have?
Toptal preparation for all stages including ongoing support during submission.
This pack includes a big test of the topic you want to work on (open-ended questions) and a review of your answers with personal recommendations and a roadmap for growth.
This pack includes a task with code review and personal roadmap for growth.
You are booking hourly calls where we discuss your problems and how to solve them.
3 step assessment and recommendation system including tech call, code-review and personal growth plan.
Technical interview that aims to assess your knowledge of language and ecosystem
Jumping into the project as a Technical Hiring Manager or Tech Lead and handling all the operations.
aaand what are processes for individuals?
are you a company representative? check this page
  • setting up goals
    We are going to initiate a chat where you describe your challenges and desired outcome
  • consultation calls and assessment
    We are going to have interviews to asses your level and create recommendations.
  • recommendations
    Prepare personalized roadmap and information for your growth.
  • questions 👇
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